Final Draft Editing
                                  & Copy Writing

"To say 'well done' to any bit of good work is to take hold of the powers which have made the effort and strengthen them beyond our knowledge."

Phillip Brooks

Susan is an excellent writer and editor. It is easy to get lost in our own theories and specialized jargon. Susan has, for many years, taken my and my staff’s often-rambling writing for professional papers, editorial columns, news releases, grant proposals, and marketing materials, and transformed it into easily understood, concise, and enjoyable-to-read prose. We absolutely rely on Susan to help us communicate our sometimes-esoteric messages in layperson terms without ‘dumbing down’ the content. She’s a whiz with grammar, punctuation, word choice and order, and spelling.


James A. Kent, Ph.D., J.D.

President, JKA Group

As a small business owner, I don’t have the budget or the need to hire a full time communications person, but I do have a need to communicate with my clients! Susan is my go-to person for fast, friendly, well-written and designed newsletters, blast emails, and more. She even wrote and designed my website. She is a smart, pleasant, highly skilled, and reliable person with whom to work and I highly recommend her.

Peggy T.
Small Business Owner


As a high school senior applying for college, I was in need of revisions to my entrance essay. Within the short period of time before the deadline, Susan was able to provide not only helpful grammatical corrections to my paper, but reasons for the edits. Susan gave me valuable knowledge that I can apply to future writing. I highly recommend turning to Susan if you want thorough and valuable edits to any of your writing.


Alex B.

Soon-to-be University of Oregon Duck

As a full-time employee, husband, and father, and a student enrolled in accelerated courses, I am very busy. As such, I often send Susan last minute requests for editing and she has not let me down. She is able to turn around an editing job with very little lead time. She not only expertly corrects my errors, but also takes the time to provide coaching and instruction on how to avoid mistakes so I eventually won't need to hire her at all. I'm learning new skills and my grades, I'm happy to say, improved about eight to ten points on each paper I submit. I cannot say enough about her as a writer and a person. She is warm and outgoing while maintaining the utmost professionalism and integrity. Working with Susan has far exceeded all of my expectations!

Ricardo G.
Non-traditional-age Bachelor's degree candidate

From a client's client:

I found you on the web and loved! the website you have, so that brought me to you.

Housekeeping client